Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Mini Oramics at Fort Process Festival

The next chance to get your hands on and play with Mini Oramics will be at Fort Process audio festival on the 3rd september. I hope to see you there.


Feature in The Wire

Mini-Oramics and an interview with me feature in the September 2016 issue of The Wire

Mini Oramics on BBC Radio 4

Thanks to the Goldsmiths press team, a BBC feature producer, Chris Vallance, became interested in my research, and he made a small web feature and a short piece for the World at Onewhich featured myself, James Bulley and Dr Jo Thomas all talking about Daphne Oram, Oramics and Mini-Oramics. I was able to point Chris to an old BBC sound recording of Oram herself talking about Oramics on the World at One in 1972, which made a lovely link into the piece. The audio of Oram talking about her work on the BBC is available at the Daphne Oram Archive and is audio archive number DO236.

I think the radio link has expired but you can see the web feature here.

Mini Oramics at Brighton Modular Meet

Another demo was at Brighton Modular Meet, University of Sussex.

Photo courtesy of Eden Grey

Mini Oramics at Seeing Sound

The first public outing of the Mini-Oramics system happened at the Seeing Sound Conference at Bath Spa University in April 2016.

As I had still not had time to write any music for it, I used John Lely's score roll to demonstrate the machine. Unknown to me he had craftily put a phrase from Kraftwerk's We Are The Robots at the end which finished off the demo nicely!

Demonstrating the machine at Seeing Sound, photo courtesy of Nuno Correia

Some Musicians Finally Get Their Hands On Mini-Oramics

The next week I brought the new machine into Goldsmiths for some artists to start working with.

John Lely started off proceedings and also helped me get it in tune properly! John was amazing and really expolored the boundaries and parameters of the device and will hopefully be working with Mini-Oramics again soon. Unfortunately I don't have a film of his initial work.

I then also had some short visits from some other musicians and made this short video:

Mini-Oramics early trials from Tom Richards on Vimeo.

I also worked with Ain Bailey, Jo Thomas and James Bulley and made this slightly longer video which started to appear on various other websites and blogs (mainly thanks to the Sarah and Phoenix at the Goldsmiths press team). James programmed a short version of Messiaen's Oraison which features at the end of the video. The work which was originally written for Ondes Martenot really suited Mini-Oramics.

Mini-Oramics Medley from Tom Richards on Vimeo.